Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT)

Chiropractic manipulative therapy, (CMT) is an all-natural, noninvasive and holistic form of healing that is often combined with nutritional interventions, exercise recommendations and proposed lifestyle changes to improve overall wellness and prevent the onset of disease. Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy that encourages the body to heal itself by reducing pain and improving biomechanical function and used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. An adjustment refers to the act of manipulating vertebrae through the application of pressure to specific joints that are misaligned or otherwise not functioning normally in an attempt to realign the spinal column for optimal physical and mental health.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Used to treat musculoskeletal disorders and adhesions in the connective tissue surrounding the muscle (fascia). Specially trained professionals use stainless steel tools to break up scar tissue and adhesions within the muscle to promote blood flow and restore overall function. In order to locate muscle knots or restrictions the clinician will start by running the tools over your skin to feel for fibrous or scar tissue that may be causing you pain or restricting your movement. They then will use the tools to break up that tissue to restore mobility and function.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy offers several advantages including aiding in promoting blood flow and increase blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins. It stimulates the skin by increasing circulation while separating fused tissue layers and draining lymph to promote a smooth appearance and healthy glow. It works deeper by loosening adhesions, facilitating the muscles to operate more independently and stimulating healthy elimination of accumulated debris in the tissues, organs and systems. Olympic gymnasts, swimmers, Major League Baseball, and National Football League players are all big proponents of cupping therapy due to the ability for more blood to be brought to the tissues of the muscles they use to perform and help them to return stay at peak levels.

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